Peter Stoinov

Getting A on SSLLabs with Tomcat

If you manage any web-servers that host HTTPS content (which should be all of them), add SSLabs blog in your RSS reader to keep up to date with the latest security best-practices, and check your websites against their test suite on a regular basis. During our last test I found out that one Tomcat server might soon get a C. Here I describe the steps to ensure the best possible setup that can still give you an A.

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Tracking analytics in a world with adblockers

Knowledge is power they say, and knowing your visitors brings a lot of advantages and insights with it. But the world has changed significantly since Google entered the analytics market in 2005. Today the web users are slowly but surely installing ad-blockers on their browsers and speed is only going to increase. And along with ads, the analytics tracking also get blocked, especially from the well known providers that you're most likely using. So if you want to keep the benefits in this changing environment, you need to adapt and go local.

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Recording and converting audio files for Asterisk

If you manage Asterisk, sooner or later someone will ask you “Can we have a custom voice prompts and a IVR?”. And if you're the kind of person that keep up with the latest advances in technology, your office would probably have HD Voice devices. So here is a guide how to record, cut and convert the required audio files in the most common formats circa 2017.

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